Month of Coordination

What's included in month-of coordination?

  • Two one (1) hour meetings to discuss wedding details, vendors, timeline, etc.
  • Create a comprehensive event timeline for vendors.
  • Review floorplan for optimal flow during the wedding.
  • Confirm timing and events with vendors prior to the wedding.
  • Organize wedding party on the day-of the wedding & rehearsal.
  • Oversee set-up.
  • Cue wedding party.
  • Act as primary point of contact on the day of the wedding for all vendors.
  • Arrange placement at the ceremony and reception of all personal items.
  • Secure items at the end of the night.

Why do you not offer "Day-of" Coordination?

An experienced, professional planner would never simply "show up" on the day of your wedding. As professional planners, we ensure that your wedding day goes smoothly by working with you in the months prior to your wedding and solving many problems in advance. This means reviewing your floorplans, corresponding with your vendors, communicating expectations of when & where all vendors will arrive, and reviewing your contracts to ensure no detail is overlooked. As industry experts, we can anticipate issues before they arise, by being prepared and well-versed about your plans for your wedding day.